Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I've Never Read the Book...

Contrary to the title of the blog and a similarly named book and movie, I've never read the award-winning novel from Kazuo Ishiguro nor have I seen the movie. However, there was a moment of serendipity as I "Googled" the premise of the book and noticed how strangely coincidental the book's premise and my similarly-titled blog uncannily reflected what I've been feeling over the past year. Check out this book review that I've culled from the web:


"Mr Stevens (first name unknown) is an English butler who has spent the best part of his career working for Lord Darlington of Darlington Hall. Lord Darlington is a distinguished and upstanding part of the English aristocracy and the book centres on Mr Stevens service under the Lord during the years between WWI and WWII. But now Lord Darlington has passed on, Darlington Hall is in the hands of a wealthy American owner and Mr Stevens is on the wrong side of 50. At this point in his life, Mr Stevens is reflecting on his career, the values he believes in and the choices he has made..."

"This one makes it's point all too clearly. Where some write novels that explore the joy of life, Ishiguro explores instead those hollow places in our hearts that we all try to ignore. Where some build stories upon human strengths, he carves characters from their flaws."

© David Gilliver 1998



For those who've heard my rants over this past year, you will agree that the blog title and the book itself reflect what my heart has felt.

However, this blog will not be just a reflection on my past year; instead, it may include anything from what I've felt on a particular day to thoughts on varied topics and hobbies such as family, science, religion, books, comics and Palm-related stuff.


Chet said...

Great Job Kev on your new site. It's nice to get caught up on the Agots. Welcome back to the U.S.

Kevin Agot said...

Thanks, Chet! Love you , man!