Monday, July 11, 2005

Palm App Review: BDicty- Free and Easy

One of the most versatile applications for every student of the Bible is Beik’s BDicty ( The BDicty software empowers users to launch dictionaries from any application. There a couple of ways to launch BDicty. Users can launch the app from their Palm launcher or they can launch a database in resident mode. Resident mode is used for those who want to launch lexicons from within an application. Users can avail of the free, public version or pay a mere $10.00 for the added flexibility of editing or creating their own databases.

A good search of the web for lexicons and will garner a wealth of free databases for personal or group study. I currently have Torrey’s topical, International Bible Society Dictionary, American Tract Society Dictionary, Smith’s Bible Dictionary, Vines, Thompson’s and Easton’s databases to name a few. Moreover, I have the Latin-English Sayings, Nursery songs (for my son), Tongue Twisters and American Abbreviations for my non-Bible related material. The beauty of it all is that these are available to everyone for FREE! I have used BDicty for several years and its stability has weathered several OS changes with much grace. In conclusion, if you want an inexpensive (or free) application that can launch a wide variety of databases or lexicons anywhere on your Palm, then BDicty is the app for you!

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