Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Brain Break

Here's an excerpt from "Mental Aerobics" by B.Bruce that may stretch your mental muscles:

A good workout for your brain is analogous thinking. An analogy is a figure of speech that compares two dissimilar items to create a deeper understanding. Similar to a metaphor, analogies help you to see things in new and creative ways and to stretch your thinking.

The Kingdom parables Jesus told are all analogies. In Matthew's Gospel, Jesus tells us that the kingdom of God is like a treasure hidden in a field (13:44) or a merchant in search of fine pearls (13:45) or a fishing net (13:47). These references were to help Jesus' listeners in their understanding of the Kingdom.

Often in creativity training or as a brain break, I ask people to tell me about their faith. Think about the following pairs and decide where your faith lies. You must choose one of each pair and explain your choice.

• Is Your Faith More Like...
• sunrise or sunset
• a door or a window
• an oak or a willow
• a dictionary or a hymnal
• a rock or a pillow
• a seed or a flower
• entree or dessert

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