Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cool Words

Every now and then, I'll throw in some cool words that were sent to me from wordsmith.org. In fact, you can go there and subscribe and get a word a day...free.

I initially wanted to name my blog the following with the attendant subtitle:

Sometimes Spruiking Skookum Sentiments
"Posts on Palm-related news, comic book reviews and the occasional day-to-day views" or "Sometimes Spruiking Skookum Sentiments"

spruik (sprook) verb intr.

To make an elaborate speech, especially to attract customers.

[Of unknown origin.]

"[Lee Iacocca] appeared in the first of 80 television commercials spruiking
a money-back guarantee if people disliked their new Chryslers."
Gideon Haigh; Corporate kings; The Times (London, UK); Mar 17, 2004.

skookum (SKOO-kuhm) adjective

Powerful; first-rate; impressive.

[From Chinook Jargon, from a Chehalis word meaning spirit or ghost.]

"Beth Baker of Knik may be an Iditarod rookie, but she's a skookum
Opinion; Anchorage Daily News (Alaska); Mar 18, 1994.

"His big seller is the Zooper Buddy, an all-terrain vehicle with
three inflatable tires, an adjustable handle bar, amazing
suspension and a skookum reclining seat."
Karen Gram; Stroller Envy; Vancouver Sun (Canada); Oct 21, 2003.

I thought that my initial choice for a blog title may come off as a bit pretentious (even though it was cool), so I went for the simpler "Splash Page".

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