Saturday, November 12, 2005

Astraware's "My Little Tank"

“My Little Tank” Review

Astraware has come up with another hit that is reminiscent of the old Tank games for the Commodore64/Atari on steroids! With over 60 levels to conquer, you’ll need to reserve some good time to defeat the enemies. Thankfully, there’s a good save function that allows users to pick up where they left off. This may seem common practice but I have encountered games of great length that didn’t have a good save function.

If you like games that are a slight diversion from puzzlers (which I love) and instead prefer sheer mayhem and destruction to release some tension, then this game is for you! Everything you see on the landscape is fair game for your tank to destroy! Walls, buildings, trees and enemy tanks abound for your pleasure. Be careful, though! You need to pay attention to the mission at the beginning of each level so you can identify what needs a-slammin’ and which does not. In my excitement, I was remiss in paying attention to the mission guidelines and ended up torching my headquarters a bit before realizing what I was doing. Different tanks require various levels of damage to be taken down for the count. The more mayhem that ensues, the more prizes in the form of ingenious power-ups will fall along your path for you to scoop up and use. My favorite power up is the ability to momentarily freeze up your surrounding opposition and so you can pick them off one by one before the freeze power up expires. Another one of my favorite power ups is the smart bomb that destroys all enemies within your territory once scooped up.

Over the years, Astraware has built up quite a stable of games and applications. In my opinion, there has yet to be a game to come out that has not entertained and challenged. My Little Tank joins the ranks of games you need to buy just for sheer enjoyment and entertainment value. You literally do get more bang for your money!

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