Saturday, June 03, 2006

Review of Pennovate’s CalenNotes

Pennovate’s CalenNotes is a great program for those who love to manage list notes and/or tasks in their own handwriting script. Whether or not you’re a fan of Palm’s graffiti 1 or 2, this is a great note-taking alternative that allows you to natively input your notes in an intuitive and ingenious way.

CalenNotes allows users to change the thickness and color of the pen to better suit your handwriting legibility. However, there are several functions that set this application apart from your typical software that caters to free-hand writing. CalenNotes maximizes the screen space on your PDA by allowing easy-to-follow pages that scroll both horizontally and vertically. The screen is split into two halves. The upper half details the overall layout of your inputted content. The lower half resembles a portioned notebook paper that is scrollable upwards, downwards or from side to side. As you scroll along the lower half of the screen that accepts your writing in its normal style and size, the upper half mirrors its movement up and down the overall, lay-out page. My explanation may sound a bit difficult, but the program is remarkably intuitive and very powerful.

Treo650_calennotesUsers can view and review their notes and tasks from a generous monthly view. The monthly view allows users to see in an organized way a snapshot of the number of tasks that need to be followed up or completed in a given day, week or month. You can increment or decrement the counters found in the upper right hand corner as you complete or add new tasks. CalenNotes and its pages can be easily stored in your SD card allowing users to save much needed memory while keeping well-organized, free-hand written notes.

Pennovate truly allows users to innovate with their pens or styli and place their notes and tasks in an informative fashion that is truly inspired and ingenious. Their great helpful and responsive tech support is icing on the cake! Great job, Pennovate!

You can find out more about Pennovate and their unique stable of applications here! Drop on by and give the programs a test-drive! You’ll be glad you did!

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