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Review: Shield Zone’s Invisible Shield

We spend so much money on our personal gadgets and, if you’re like me, we use them often throughout the day. As much as we want to protect our gadgets from normal wear and tear, it has been almost impossible to find a product that can offer protection for your gadget’s screen or body.

Thank God for Invisible Shield. This is a high-tech product that safely protects your high end gadget from scratches, scrapes and a fair amount of stabbing. (I’ll get to that in a minute)…

The makers of Invisible Shield, Shield Zone, are so confident that this product can protect your device from scratches and scrapes that they offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their products! Invisible Shied is made of a film that was used by the military to protect the edges of their helicopter blades! These blades spin at incredible speeds for hundreds of miles enduring dust, rocks and weather! This is the same film that can protect your screen or device! Moreover, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for this kind of protection. Each of the films is moderately priced and very affordable.

Blackberry 7520

I gave Invisible Shield a test run on a few of my devices. The first one is the screen for the Blackberry 7520. The screen protectors come with a bottle of SHIELD spray application solution, a plastic squeegee and a film pre-cut for the device of your choice.
The application of the screen protector film was amazingly easy. The spray solution is easily pushed out to the sides to remove any water or air bubbles of any kind. The shine of the film seemed to make the screen of my Blackberry shines even brighter. I tried scraping the screen with my keys…no scratches.

• Easy application.
• Screen seems brighter especially when the backlight is on
• Amazingly tough

• Minor quibble: The Blackberry screen isn’t dependent on touch but on the side-scroll and buttons so I couldn’t test it’s durability from strokes and swipes.

Nintendo DS Lite

The Invisible Shield for the DS Lite comes with a choice of screen protector only or screen protector and body armor. I likened the film to body armor because of its tough durability. There were several pieces that came with this package given the scope of its coverage. I intentionally didn’t read the manual or go online and look for a video or demo on how to apply this film because I believe the products should be intuitive in their application. Guess what? It is both simple and intuitive to apply. I was able to apply each of the films to their appropriately assigned place. The film is so thin the DS Lite still fitted into its tightly-fitted case. I don’t know off the top of my head what the thicknesses of these films are but, they are fairly miniscule and virtually unnoticeable.
I gave the dual screens fitted with the protectors a good road test. I was swiping, writing and yes, poking and stabbing both the screens and the body.

My only gripe is the topmost film has to overlap the DS Lite’s hinges. While this looks great when closed, it looks terrible when opened for play. The overlaps on the hinges crinkle up and lift off of the hinges and never re-form or reattach to the body. I ended up removing this film since it was just looked terrible.


• Intuitive application of the various films
• Survived a rough road test without a hitch
• Screens were securely protected

• Topmost layer never securely attaches to the hinges and crinkles up and stays that way instead of clinging and re-shaping itself to the hinges.
• Few air pockets mar the overall smooth appearance of the screen

Palm Zire 72s
Invisibleshield2_4The toughness and durability are non-pareil. I’ve purchase several screen protectors over the years but none comes close to the strength of Invisible Shield. The application of the screen had a small learning curve but, one that can be easily grasped. There were a couple of bubbles that I’d hoped would disappear but didn’t. The developers state in their directions that bubbles usually take 2-3 days to dissipate. This was the case with most of the bubbles with the exception of 2 little buggers. This is a minor quibble that really doesn’t compare to the protection Invisible Shield provides. As tough as the film is, it doesn’t alter the touch sensitivity of your screen.

My complaint, however, is inherent in the film. While the film is tough as nails, the smooth texture of the film has a rubbery adhesive quality that tends to grab the stylus. My strokes seemed awkward as I seemed to apply more pressure than usual to complete the swipes. It could be that I’ve been conditioned over the years to a smooth, silk-like stroke. I just couldn’t get used to the way the film would catch my stylus. I tried various styli with different weights and tips but the film continued to catch. I was forced to remove the screen protector because I just couldn’t get around this aspect of the film.


“Lifetime guarantee”: What more do you need to be convinced of its toughness?
It does not alter the touch sensitivity of the screen.

A rubbery-quality that tends to grab the stylus resulting in writing movements that aren’t as smooth as what I’m used to with most screen protectors on the market.

This is a great product that offers the ultimate protection against scratches and scrapes. However, your mileage may vary depending on your preference and usage of your devices. I’d highly recommend that you go online to and check out their impressively vast array of screen protectors and body shields for a multitude of devices. They have an eye-popping demo and video section that highlights the strength and durability of Invisible Shield. Trust me… you’ve got to see it to believe it!

(Originally posted on Palm Addicts)

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