Friday, October 06, 2006


I recently experienced a problem with the power jack on my Palm Zire 72s. However, I thought the problem was with my charger. I purchased a new charger from the fine folks at PocketSolutions. Their prices are competitve and their service is fantastic. Moreover, they provide some of the best line up of PDA accessories on the 'net. I've purchased their products over the years and have never had a hitch. You can find out more about this great company here .

However, upon recieving and testing my new charger (which was excellent, by the way), I still had a problem with my PDA not properly charging. I checked online for someone who fixes PDA's and who had garnered great reviews for his service. I found an article written about a gentleman who fit that profile. Chris Short is a one-man show providing some of the best service around. He is based in the United States and he provides service for both US and international users at reasonable rates. Moreover, his response time is quick and always cordial. Most of Chris' work is from word-of-mouth or postings on eBay. His eBay ratings are very high. If your PDA needs a little fixing up, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you shoot Chris an email and let him know what your problem is. You can contact Chris Short via email at "ips at" .

(Originally posted on PalmAddicts)

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