Saturday, December 16, 2006

Astraware’s Glyph


Add another feather to their cap, Astraware’s done it again! Glyph is a unique blend of strategy, speed, puzzle-solving skills and world-saving. Kuros is a world in need of saving. But, to rescue this world, we have to find and put together ancient and mysterious Glyphs that are found beneath wonderfully, colorful stones and ruins. The game takes us to different locales as we strive to uncover the elemental truths buried deep within. At times, the game seems fraught with an ongoing multitude of stones barring our way. But, there are powerful artifacts scattered throughout the game to aid you greatly. While there are artifacts which speed up the problem-solving, there are obstacles such as the Obsidian stones which don’t make it any easier for any would-be heroes. However, once the stones are cleared pieces of alien or ancient hieroglyphics are revealed and added to the formation and completion of the puzzles

Glyph’s presentation displays electronic wizardry by including the world-famous, other-worldly ambient soundtrack that is the unique trademark of Astraware’s games. Moreover, the crisp and beautifully detailed artwork and finely-tuned graphics invite and intrigue game players to remain captivated throughout the game. However, don’t let the cool environs fool you. You’re on a mission to seek, solve and save. Glyph is a perfect 10!

Glyph is out just in time to be a gift that can make any PDA-owner happy during Christmas!! Head on over and see what Santa's little helpers have been up to at the Astraware factory of fun!

(Originally posted on Palm Addicts)

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