Sunday, January 21, 2007

FireBlast Adventures in the 30th Century Issue 0

Fireblast Issue 0 introduces readers to Mack Fire on his inaugural opening of Fireblasts Investigations. The first day starts off auspiciously with attempts at Fire’s life before he’s even had a chance to put the “Open for Business” sign on the door. His first case is to find out who’s trying to kill him!

Ace Masters starts us off with an interesting storyline and sets the tone for the entire story by closing the final panel of the first page with an explosion package meant to assassinate Mack. From there, if you can believe it, the pace quickens with every page as we are introduced to Mack Fire and his supporting cast of characters. From the very human-like computerized assistant, Perfecta to the irate landlord to the love-interest, Alina, the cast seems intriguing enough to keep readers interested. The writing is fairly tight with wit and sarcasm peppered throughout the story. The 0 issue’s main focus is to introduce readers to the 30th Century world that Mack Fire inhabits as well as his supporting cast and the mystery surrounding him. Masters does a fine job of creating enough suspense and pathos to keep fans coming back for more. (Read the rest of the review on here)!

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