Monday, March 12, 2007

More Testing From my TX

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Just bought a Palm TX last week. I gave my trusty old Zire 72s to my wife. The 72s has a remarkable reputation for overall stability, but I could not resist the temptation to go wireless while using the additional real estate the 320 x 480 screen size provides.

I tend to lag behind the hot "flavor of the month'' tech trends because I tend to stick with a product I like for quite some time. I am amazed at how empowered I feel going wireless. I can download my email, surf the Net using the Opera browser, look up a vast array of topics on Quickipedia, get news via RSS feeds, and now blog wirelessly.

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c-man said...

Wow, just saw this thing on the net. Pretty cool. Looks a lot like my old Hp/compaq PDA with its big screen and screen rotation functionality for videos and pictures. When you surf the net, is it quick, or is it like my PSP and have the download speed of regular dial-up with the frequent "out of memory" error? Can it download java script or flash ads? Go to I always get an "out of memory" error on my PSP. Can it handle it?

Kevin Agot said...

I've been experimenting with various software. I use Opera mini to surf which is pretty fast. My email comes in fast, unless I'm downloading a podcast or huge pic file. So far, so good.

Antoine said...

Glad to see that you have a new PDA to have fun with. I really enjoyed the T5 that I had before my Treos, and the TX was really close to a purchase (if it had a mic, I would have probably jumped onto it for VoIP).