Friday, June 08, 2007

Fanboy.TV Winner!

I'm a lucky winner of some great artwork and a David Mack DVD! I just logged onto ! This provides some of the best coverage of the comic book medium available. You can check out my winning roll here . I'm known as "ColeDaddy".


Chazzy said...

Congratulations!! You are always winning stuff. Next time I see you, we are definitely going out to buy some lottery tickets!!! So, that lady also picked out the DVD for you? Man, I was eying the back of the set and saw some cool action figures like the large original Angel. Looks like their were other toy goodies too. So, who is David Mack and did you like what she picked for you?
The painting looks good, although, what is it? Some demon and angel fighting? Kinda creepy. You should give it away.
To me.
Yeah, to me.


Kevin Agot said...

Yo, Den,

That's the second piece of original artwork that I won! Looks like an angel slaying some demons. Purty cool! I was hoping Meg would've picked something else, like one of the statues, but I'm happy with the DVD. He's a great artist and the DVD retails for $25, so I'm happy. I'll put this up next to the Dark Knight poster in C's room.

Aside: the site I used to write comic book reviews for is no longer up. I'm searching for another site to write for. One of the sites I'm being interviewed for is I think you're familiar with them. If everything goes well, I may start reviewing for them. (Fingers crossed).