Friday, September 28, 2007

Enter The Dragon

In Linda Lee's book about her late husband, "Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew" she mentioned that Bruce was so fast that in Enter The Dragon, they had to slow down some of frames of his fights because they were concerned that the audience may think that the film was sped up to accent his quickness. His fights were either slowed down or shown at normal speed. His movements were never enhanced.

Also, the character O'Hara was Bruce's personal bodyguard. One would think it funny that Bruce Lee even had one, but he had to given his meteoric rise in cinema. I believe at one point, he was the highest paid international movie star of his time. Another interesting anecdote is in the scene when Bruce kicks O'Hara into the crowd, one of the extras actually broke his arm given the force of Bruce's kick while attempting to break O'Hara's fall.


chazzy said...

"Slow the film down?" Yeah, but back then, they were using Polaroids and cheap cameras from JCPenny's. An interesting fact is that when Jet Li filmed Lethal Weapon 4 with Mel Gibson, they also had to slow the film down because he was too fast and that they felt that the audience wouldn't get to see what he did. On another side note, Bruce Lee would never last in the UFC. For one, he never covers up when he punches. His hands are always down. Also, his side kicks are so telegraphed. He has to run up to a guy to kick him. This would be similar to a football player getting a running start and tackling you. Of course it is going to hurt, but when 2 people square off in a cage, that stuff won't work. Trust me, I'm the UFC light-heavyweight champ.

Anonymous said...

Not even close to to a footplayer coming at you, because bruce came with sideways steps, to deliver that blow, that broke his sternum. Leu a football player run sideways and hit then will see. They even had to use a dummy to showcase the fury of his power, when han was getting up slowly and they show bruce and han's head is closer to the screen, and lee's legs is a blur on the screen, donnies yen is faster than Jet, huang lang lee, ahs also very fast legs that have killed with one blow unfortunately he was ddefending himself in real life when he took a life. Now of course you guys are different fighters, and the power I saw on fight sciensce is scary. I sure Bruce fights different is real life and I would not have fought him, I to slow. Is like when Sho Kosugi cam to america, and five americans that were racist were bothering him and he sent all 5 to the hosp, it cam in the news, I think it was 70.s or 80's