Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An Incredible Find! Astraware's "Hidden Expedition: Titanic"

If you take a look at online game sites that specialize in creating games for your laptop or PC, one of the top-rated genres of games you’d find is the “search puzzle” themed game. I have always wondered if there would ever be a game that could be properly ported onto the PDA for portable game playing of this increasingly popular genre. Astraware, the leading producers of portable games for the PDA are the first to strike gold with their newest addition to their successful gaming stable with “Hidden Expedition: Titanic”.

Titanic_screenshot_320x320_04“Hidden Expedition: Titanic” is a game for the Palm and the PPC that challenges players to find hidden items ranging from the most mundane to the miraculously marvelous. Where else can you find a rusty golf club and a prehistoric toy in the same room? Big Fish, the creator of HE:T, have gone to great lengths to create the adventures of a treasure hunt from within a sunken ship with crisp, clean sound effects and an eerie, atmospheric soundtrack that pulls you deep into the ocean and keeps you there. Throughout the expedition, players are challenged to find certain items throughout a particular room. These items are cleverly hidden providing hours of entertainment created to challenge your mind and observational skill.

Users can easily navigate throughout the room by tapping the edges of the screen whereupon the room smoothly scrolls to reveal more hidden gems. Speaking of gems, players collect more points by finding these colorful jewels.

Astraware and Big Fish have teamed up to create a game that whisks you to the undersea treasure of fortune hunting. There is no other game like this created for your PDA. The graphics are beautifully rendered and the underlying soundtrack establishes a world of intrigue and good old-fashioned fun. This is probably one of the easiest ratings I ever given a game: 10 out of 10!

You can find out more from Astraware’s site here. "Hidden Expedition: Titanic" will be available to the world on Wednesday, September 19th!

(Originally appeared in Palm Addicts)

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