Monday, April 27, 2009

Review: The Noticer

Andy Andrew’s “The Noticer” is one, absolutely incredible book.

If you were to look at the page count, the book is a quick read. But, the content encased by both covers offers a lifetime of hope, reassurance and inspiration.

The book’s key figure goes by the name, “Jones”. He is an elderly, grandfatherly man who seems to appear in peoples’ lives when they are at their bleakest and darkest. The words of wisdom from the book constantly reverberate through my memory as I recall the various times throughout the reading of the book that I felt the sting of self-reflection and the warmth of hopeful reconciliation. Jones is the “Noticer” who drops in and out of people’s lives and offers wisdom that penetrates hearts and inspires change. Jones’ gift is the power of perspective. When trouble hits our lives, it is easy to be entangled too deeply into the weeds of life’s worries and struggles. Jones steps into the lives of the people in the book and helps them to step back and view the options everyone can choose from. He patiently teaches and graciously offers the gift of perspective to anyone willing to simply listen.

There were several times throughout my reading of the book that I groaned inwardly as introspection led to revelation about my character and inspiration on where I can go from here. This isn’t you’re typical “feel good” book. While the messages found throughout the story come in easily managed doses they stick to you heart, soul and mind. I tried to leave this book immaculately unmarked and unscathed, thinking that this would make a great gift that I could pass on to another reader. But, I couldn’t stop myself from bending corners of countless pages and highlighting favorite passages, marking up parts of the book that called me to a deeper self-reflection and a greater motivation to change. I may end up just buying copies for others to mark up and dig into. No other book since the Bible has inspired me to address my personal weaknesses and face my personal challenges and move forward to personal changes.

There is the added bonus of “A Reader’s Guide” found at the back to take it even deeper. This has been one of the most rewarding and thought-provoking reads I have ever experienced. Andy Andrews is a gifted storyteller who can move our hearts and change our minds for the betterment and advancement of ourselves.

There was a song years ago from the soundtrack of the animated movie, “The Prince of Egypt” that beautifully captures the spirit of this simple and powerful book on the strength perspective can bring to our lives. The song’s title: “Through Heaven’s Eyes”.

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