Sunday, December 27, 2009

Review: Bishop Scientifc’s HyberPad

Bishop Scientifics has come out with a patented invention that is sure to be a great hit for BlackBerry users looking to conserve battery life.

The HyberPad is a unique and sleek creation that is truly a must-have accessory item for anyone looking to discreetly and coolly place their Blackberry in sleep mode at home or the office. No buttons need to be pushed or any additional software need to be installed.

The HyberPad is a two-sided leather pad with three magnets spaced out from top to middle to bottom. When a BlackBerry is centered on top of the HyberPad, the unit goes immediately into hibernation or sleep mode. While the BlackBerry is still working in the background, it operates under a much lower level of energy consumption thereby preserving your battery life.

What I love about the HyberPad is that once you lift your BlackBerry off of the pad it can automatically answer any incoming calls. The HyberPad simulates the mode your BlackBerry falls into when holstered into a flip-cover case. Most cases that have a front flap covering the unit include a magnet which places the phone in sleep mode when closed.

The HyberPad comes with a velour travel slipcase to place both the pad and phone when mobile as well as provide an extra layer of protection from dust or scratches. The slipcase comes in three colors: executive (black); chocolate and royal (blue).

The HyberPad is a great accessory when I am in my office. After an hour and a half long one-way commute in the morning, sometimes I forget to change my Blackberry’s profile settings to silent. This can also be quite disruptive as my office has numerous meetings and conference calls throughout the day. With the HyberPad, I no longer have to worry about this every single day as long as I preset my “in holster” settings to silent mode.

Once I place my Blackberry on the HyberPad this setting will automatically be enabled. No more worries and no more weirdly askew glances my way because I forgot to enable my sound configuration settings once I got into the office.

The HyberPad works well even with skinned BlackBerrys. However, I did experience some challenges with the Otterbox Commuter which has a skinned layer of protection plus a harder, plastic covering. The two layers of protection prevented the magnets from being consistently effective. However, every time I placed a skin-only or no-skin Blackberry, the HyberPad worked wonderfully.




Very simple to use out of the box


No software installation needed


Thicker and harder protective cases might prevent the magnets from quickly placing the Blackberry in hibernation

Overall Review: 4 ½ out of 5 stars!!

You can find out more about Bishop Scientifics here!

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