Friday, July 29, 2005

It Was Bound To Happen Sometime...

Cole still manages a smile through it all. Such a trooper!

My son is a bundle of joy and energy. He is the living embodiment of the Energizer Bunny. Alas, while monkeying around the monkey bars (which he usually masters with agile proficiency), he slipped off and landed on his elbow. When he fell, he had a stunned look on his face and looked around. But, when I saw his bones deformed and out of place I freaked out and yelled for his mommy and Uncle Jeff and Auntie Gretchen to help. Well, when daddy freaked out, the son followed. He started bawling his head off. It was then that I decided to calm down...but, man, it is hard to see your kid in pain and his arm disjointed.

We took him to UC Davis Medical which is one of the best hospitals for kids. The staff there was awesome! We were questioned by several staff prepping for Cole's x-rays and re-positioning. But, when one of the doctors took a look at the amount of pain, Cole was in, she expedited the whole process.

Sympathetic doctor wincing in pain as Cole describes what happened in dramatic detail

Cole was a trooper! When they inserted the I.V. he watched the whole process as they inserted needle and meds just like his daddy taught him. For some reason, his watching a needle inserted into his flesh takes his mind off of the initial pain. There's a bit of a fascination about it that serves as a distraction.

When we were taking pics, Cole had an easy smile to offer. Cole was cool.

Pretty soon, we noticed that he was attracting quite the crowd of at least 10 doctors. My guess is that some of them were internists watching and learning. I saw the "bone doctor" explaining the ailment and procedure which made for a fairly pedagoguish setting. The doctor pulled us aside and informed us that they'd have to put him under before repositioning. The drug they gave him knocked him out good but, the weird effects of the drug is that his eyes are wide open and they dart around. That was a bit uncomfortable to see. Amalia cried because it was hard for her to see him go through much pain. (Please encourage her by sending over the latest Palm Tungsten 5...believe me, I will...I mean, SHE will be strengthened by such generosity!)

My wife and Cole

Soonafter we left the room (at their advice and we were more than happy to oblige...can't watch them twisting the bones of my son!)we were called back and his arm was set in place! At that point, it was just a matter of waiting for the drugs to wear off. The funny thing was when he lay prone in the stretcher and the effects of the meds were winding down out of his system, he would shake his head from side to side and gleefully exclaim, "Wheeeeee! Wheeeeeeee!" Good drug.

At one point, Cole said that God will make his elbow straight. The doctors who heard him smiled. We were proud of him.

Wiped out!

When he got home, he ate a couple of waffles and went to bed. He was out cold.

This morning, we bought him a Jagun Fighter to cheer him up. It worked. Right now, he's watching his favorite anime, "Spirited Away".

The dramatic, on-site pictures were provided by his Uncle Jeff. As always, click the pics to get a closer view.


Scott & Glenda said...

Thanks for sharing. We wish Cole and family a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

Wow! How Cole have grown that big. It's really awesome to hear from you and how things are going on there (but so sorry for What happened to Cole). Amalia is there at the picture, too but I don't see you. I could relate with you well how you reacted, imagine, I have two boys too, but thank Jesus they're as agile and as strong as Tarzan. Yesteday they had their annual physical exam abd the Med tech extracted blood from them, wala lang sa kanila. But of course we can't say how things will happen.

By the way Chat and I will have a new member of the family, sorry the name's not Kevin but Charlize, she's due this September 15 and we're so blessed with her. My youngest calls her Baby Girl.

Our best regards especially Amalia. We pray for the speedy recovery of Cole. We miss you so much.

We love you!!!

Angelo & Chat

Kevin Agot said...

Hey Scott and Glenda,

Thanks for dropping a line! Cole is moving his arm a bit now. He has suddenly become allergic to monkey bars. It's funny...I fellowshipped with 3 people today who had broken their arms or their children broke their arms from falling from the bars,too.

Kevin Agot said...

Hey Angelo and Chat!

It's great to hear from you! Cole is doing much better. He's moving
his arm a bit more. I'm happy to hear about your new child,
AmaliaKevina. We're so happy for you!

BTW, if you look around the site, I have some pics somewhere there.
Just look through the archived articles.

We miss you dearly!