Wednesday, July 27, 2005

SmartBoxDesigns Does It Again!

It seems that the developers from Smart Box Design have done it again! TRIPLES and WORDPOP! were a couple of the games at the top of my gaming list. WORD WATCH is a sure-fire winner! If you thought that there couldn't be a word game that can be both challenging and entertaining, Word Watch will dispel those sentiments.

I had the opportunity to beta test this incredible game over the past couple of months. This has quickly become one of my favorite games of all time (and I have tons of them!).

Just some of the things I liked:

*Dictionary that includes the most sublime to some pretty difficult words. There were some words that I never heard of nor was able to find on my Palm dictionary with over 200,000 words!
*Arrows that push letters to wherever you want to redirect them
*Crisp, digital sounds
*Great opening guitar riff! That's a first for Palm games as far as I know.
*Cool, inuitive watch interface
*Good-lookin' graphics
*Simple and instructive and "to-the-point" pop-ups to initially guide players through the game
*Much-needed practice round
*Untimed round for those who want to kick back and tool around the game
*Timed rounds for our competitive side
*Saves game automatically when leaving. When the game is re-launched you're brought back to the same spot.
*Game launches quickly even though it can reside in SD card
*Mute option (don't want the boss getting wind...)

If you love word games that offer varying levels to suit your mood (easy and relaxing or tough and challenging and just overall entertaining), then Word Watch is THE game!


Todd Sherman said...

Thank you very much for the high praise. Your testing and feedback pushed Word Watch to the next level. Best regards, Todd Sherman

Kevin Agot said...


You guys produce some of the best games that are uniquely fun and educational.