Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The 7 Second Memory

I wrote a devotional and submitted it to a site on which I am a contributing writer, Mobile Ministry Magazine. At a time when the world seems to be getting smaller and the information super-highway moving faster, there are occasions where we need some downtime to reflect on our lives. Without reflection, we tend to forget the things that we should remember the most. "The 7 Second Memory" is a devotional I wrote in response to the ever-changing world.

(Note: I actually preached it during a communion service at our church and re-wrote it for easier reading).


Antoine said...

Kevin; this was an excellent message and I am glad that you found it suitable for MMM.

Also, I love the new look and feel (kinda jealous as Ima need to get MMM looking this good ;) )

Many blessings, and keep preaching every second in His name :)

Kevin Agot said...

Hey Antoine! As always, it is great hearing from one of my inspirations on the Net. Keep up the great work with MMM and PalmBible+...and wherever else you are! You're doing a great service for many. I'll send you more devos in time. I've got a flu-bug that I'm trying to fight off ;^)