Thursday, December 29, 2005

Astraware’s LifeStyle Applications: LandWare’s Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide 2006

If you take a stroll down to your nearest video store you’d notice that a wave of new and classic movies arrives practically every week. Not only that, but the nearest cineplex has movies also vying for your time and money. Some of these movies you may have heard of and others you may have not. At a time when the world seems to be moving at an incredibly fast pace, we need the help of Astraware's stable of LifeStyle applications to keep us abreast of the latest and greatest in the field of entertainment. To help sift through the plethora of new and old movies and DVD’s is LandWare’s Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide 2006 to the rescue! (Read more here!)


asianarnold1 said...

Hey Kev! hope you and family are having a great xmas and new years.
~~the Lanceros~~~

Kevin Agot said...

Thanks, man. It was a bit crazy there for several days: Cole had 103F deg. temp for 3 days. Then, he was coughing pretty harshly for a few more. He's just come out of it and doing better.

Hope all is well with you and wishing you guys the best!

chazzy said...

This program seems pretty cool. I wish I had a palm pilot just for this program because you know how much of a movie buff I am. By the way, with so much info, how much space is taken up and are there pictures of popular movies or are there only text? Is this program out for the Pocket PC as well?

Oh, and when did you start watching coconut movies?


Kevin Agot said...


Yep. This'd be perfect for you. The main .prc file can be moved to your card which is almost 300kb saved. The databases however, must be in the main ram. They only take up 700 kb which is not too bad given the sheer amount of info you get in return. This program is chock full of texts with no pics. Lastly, I started watching coconut movies when you starting wearing those nice puka shells.