Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Astraware’s LifeStyle Applications: Llamagraphics’ Life Balance

As the world gets smaller and the information super-highway speeds at such a frenetic pace that continues to only get faster and faster, our lives at home and at work can reflect these changes for better or for worse. If we’re not careful, the speed at which the world moves may cut into our personal and family lives. This is the reason, I believe, that there are so many time management books, audio books, and videos out on the market. People are searching for ways to become more effective in their respective roles as husband or wife, employer or employee, brother or sister, etc. Additionally, we are on the constant look out for ways that make us more efficient at the work place. Moreover, we are constantly looking for ways to protect our relaxing down times with friends and family. Given the world’s pace, it would be easy to lose that ever-elusive balance in life and we all need something to point out the direction we’re going as well as point us back in the direction that we ought to be going. This is where Llamagraphics’ Life Balance comes into the picture...(click here for more!)


chazzy said...

I like the new blog title. I like "splash page" better but "re:views" fits this site better because the majority of your writings are palm-related reviews.

Kevin Agot said...

I agree. Plus, the new title is not only more appropriate but more catchy, too.