Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Llamagraphics' Life Balance Pod Classes

I recently did a review of Astraware's Lifestyle Applications featuring Llamagraphics' Life Balance software (see previous post). One of the highlights of purchasing this powerful application is the amount of support users can avail of through various on-site resources such as their active forums, detailed advice books and, my favorite, their audio and visual lessons which I call "pod classes"...(Click here for more!)


chazzy said...

I like your new page layout. The colors are good and the bee-hive in the background makes me want to eat honey and biscuts. Keep this layout because it looks more nicer and professional.


Kevin Agot said...

You got it, boss. I almost changed it again yesterday after just changing it a few days ago. But, the theme was too dark. Thanks for the suggestion, brutha.