Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gx5' Stable of Applications


Gx5 is known for their cutting edge product, Liberty Control which empowers users to control their computers via mobile devices. However, if you click over to their site you’ll find an array of great products that will enhance the look of your PDA or mobile phone and, possibly, change the way you wake up in the morning! I recently purchased the beautifully rendered wallpapers for my Palm. I’m always looking for ways to personalize the look of my PDA and these set of wallpapers fit the bill perfectly.

Moreover, I purchased their MyWakeUp-Tunes Soundtrack. These are homegrown grooves that can calm your nerves or give you that digital “juice” to jumpstart your morning. The melodic, breezy soundtrack sure beats waking up to the blare of an electronic alarm clock. Visit Gx5 today!

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