Monday, January 23, 2006

The X-Factor: Xi-Art Games Reviews

XI-Art has a great stable of games that are guaranteed to keep you entertained and busy for a long time. Today’s review will include some of their best-selling, multi-awarded games.


Pick 11 is a unique game that challenges your wits and your speed in solving problems. The object of the game is to total up as many combinations of tiles that add up to 11 in the least amount of time while trying to clear up the board. Sound simple? It does…until you start playing the game and begin climbing up to higher levels. The game includes a clock which paces and records your speed. While you aren’t penalized any points if you add up a wrong combination, precious time is taken off the clock hindering your chances of beating previously placed scores.

I try not to use the word “addictive” around too often, but Pick 11 definitely falls into that category. I found myself immersed in the gameplay...(Click here for more!)

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