Friday, February 24, 2006

PalmaryCalc Review

PalmarySoft has been a favorite developer of mine over the years. I have PalmaryClock and PalmaryClockScreenSaver and consider them to be top-notch, professional grade applications. Given PalmarySoft’s reputation, I knew that PalmaryCalc would not be a disappointment.

PalmaryCalc is a powerful calculator with a simple and attractive user interface. The calculator is pleasing to the eyes, unlike some of the other calc apps on the market today. The 3D graphics give the keypad a realistic appearance…almost as if you could reach in your PDA and touch the keys!

PalmaryCalc is a great application that suits a wide variety of everyday computational needs. Its slick, professional interface is both intuitive and practical. PalmaryCalc is a must-have calculator program that is not only a site for sore eyes but a computational wizard as well. You can find out more about PalmarySoft and their fantastic selection of software here!

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