Thursday, February 23, 2006

Updated Review of 4Cast

In a previous review regarding Shimon's great application 4Cast, I may have given the impression that using 4Cast without an internet connection would generate an updated 5 day weather forecast. That is not the case. As with any software that draws its information from another website, 4Cast draws its information from , so to use it you need some sort of an internet connection. This means you can use 4cast on wireless enabled devices such as the Treo devices, a Palm connected via a cellular phone using Bluetooth or IrDA, or any other method of connecting to the web (such as Softick PPP connected via the HotSync, or the app found on my Zire 72s). As a rule of thumb - if you can use a web browser on your device to surf the internet - you can use 4cast.

Lastly, the rotating display of "feels now" on the first row is not actually read on real-time, it is the current "feel" as were read on the last refresh.

Again, please visit Shimon's wonderful site as he strives to "Take Telephony Into Your Palm".

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