Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Maze Agency #3

This is truly an entertaining, family-oriented, all-ages, cerebral romp with all the trimmings of your best whodunit mysteries and the comic industries' only Willis and Shepherd "Moonlighting" polemic with a dash of the loving-goodness of "Hart to Hart".

It's such a joy to see a great writer like Mike W. Barr at the writing helm of the series. His writing is witty, challenging and never dull or stilted. I've read mystery solutions that seemed a bit forced and disjointed at the end of the story. Mike plants clues and red herrings throughout the story and leaves his audience with a satisfyingly, creative conclusion. The artwork of Ariel Padilla is his best ever. I've seen his work mature over the years; but, with the Maze Agency he perfectly conveys human emotion and the necessary mysterious mood without any darkly over-bearing line work which is usually synonymous with this genre.

In a market that is crowded and overfilled with the cosmically-challenged, earth-shattering, superhuman-clustered galaxies and infinitely-critical-X-universes, the down-to-earth sleuthing of this intrepid detective couple singularly shines the brightest.

(originally posted in The Comics Review)

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