Sunday, March 26, 2006

Review: MegaGammon

Megasoft2000 has been a mainstay in the PDA world for several years. I was first introduced to their products by purchasing one of the best launchers in the market, the eye-popping and versatile MegaLauncher. Megasoft2000 also has a great stable of games that are top-quality and professional grade. One of their best games is their version of one of the oldest board games in the world, backgammon: MegaGammon.

I’ve had a chance to test a number of Backgammon games over the past few months, and in my opinion, MegaGammon is the finest one available. There are two board preferences that users can choose from: the stylish and nouveau Ice with its blue trimmings that’s easy on the eyes is a good choice. The other skin you can choose from is the traditional hard wood version that most people are more familiar with. Both environments add a welcome splash of pizzazz to the game. Moreover, the clean and crisp sound of the dice rolling in the board as well as the clicking movement of the pieces is an added, true-to-life bonus that greatly enhances game play...(read the rest here!)

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