Sunday, March 26, 2006

Review: Jack BBQ or 100 Ways to Barbecue


Well now…THIS is what I’m talking about!

There is more to the eye-catching, head-scratching name of the game.  “100 Ways to Barbecue” or “Jack BBQ” (from now on) is a great game for people of all ages.  This recently updated version is a cross-platform, multi-level, ingenious way to wile away your time…you have been properly forewarned!
The game, Jack BBQ, is optimized for a host of screen resolutions and has a digital musical soundtrack and crisp sounds powered by MODULA Audio Engine.  The graphics are entertainingly rich and eye-popping enough to keep any gamer enthralled and immersed in an environment of 300 action-packed rooms to explore. 

You’ll find, however, that as you go from room to room, you’re not the lone resident.  One of my favorite residents is the giant (relative to Jack) man-sized spinning skull that moves continually from left to right.  If you bump into these charmers, you’ll slowly be docked on your health.  And, yes, I did say: “giant, man-sized, spinning skull”!  This is just one example of the 15 varieties of villainy that haunt the hallowed halls of Jack’s trails and travails.

As Jack runs, jumps, climbs and fights his way to freedom, there are challenging problems of logic that you (and Jack) will face.  You’ll definitely need your “thinking caps” on as you scroll up and down, left and right as you make your way through the spinning disks, burning flames and darkened, secret rooms.  Along the way, you’ll pick up keys, health capsules, torches and a host of other goodies to aid you in your sojourn.   

Jack BBQ or 100 Ways to Barbecue is a fantastic game that will entertain and enthrall PDA users of all ages.  Its auto-saving functionality allows users to pop in for a 5-minute romp or for the hour-long excursion.  Don’t hesitate to download this software for free and give it a thorough test-drive!  You won’t regret it!  You can find out more about Jack BBQ here!

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