Sunday, March 12, 2006

Review: Acrocat's PDAbs

With PDAbs, you don’t have to carry around a beat up note pad or cumbersome pencil or pen to keep tabs on your workouts. Moreover, the developers of the application have gone the extra length in making it as easy as possible for users to input the data pertinent to their exercise regimen’s log. Once your workouts have been set up, you no longer have to waste needless strokes inputting your information. Writing on your PDA or note pads could take away precious time from your workout and slow it down considerably. With Acrocat’s PDAbs, this is not the case. Each of the cells pertinent for your on-going workout have drop down menus when selected. You can easily choose the date of your workout, the number of sets you have chosen for the day and the number the repetitions. With the desktop application, you can even synch this data onto your computer’s hard drive and have a detailed record on your desktop conduit.

Extremely detailed and User-Friendly

PDAbs allows users to construct tailor-made programs for themselves or several other users. This is a great option for those who work alone or for the fitness expert who needs to keep track of his clients’ needs. PDAbs has the most complete selection of muscle groups and exercises that I’ve ever seen. There are several useful sections in PDAbs. The first one is: Strength/Resistance. Here users can identify the user for who the particular workout is for; the time period (today, yesterday, etc.) and the custom workout. If you’ve taken the time to pre-set your regimen, then all you have to do to keep track of your on-going workout is check the appropriate box that corresponds to your current exercise. If you want to change the exercise from say, “barbell curl” to “barbell, EZ Curl Bar”, you can easily tap the exercise and be taken to an edit page and make the necessary adjustments to the appropriate muscle group (biceps, in this case); type of exercise (barbell, EZ Curl Bar); the number of repetitions and weight...(Read the rest of the article here!)

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