Monday, March 13, 2006

Warfare Incorporated Review

Splash_2Astraware is the place to go for your handheld gaming and entertainment needs. With over 140 applications for most handheld platforms, Astraware is uniquely positioned to cater to anyone’s gaming and entertainment needs. Reviewing applications for Astraware can be a daunting task as they have such a wide range of diverse, quality applications. Over the years, Astraware has made their reputation by producing various genres of exciting and challenging games. Recently, they have included some of the best stable of applications for everyday use cementing their hold as “the home of handheld entertainment”.

Handmark’s Warfare, Incorporated is a multi-awarded, cross-platform dynamo that stretches the capabilities of your PDA to the max, with an engaging storyline, classic “good vs. evil” conflicts, sparkling graphics and fantastic game play.

Warfare, Incorporated is a futuristic look at super-corporations competing for the limited resources of the galaxy. The game centers on the planet Icarus which has a wealth of new-found minerals that will further empower the ACME Exploration Corporation. Users enter the game as a new executive of the ACME Exploration Corporation racing to find and gather as much mineral resources from the alien planet before your ruthless, rival competitors, OMNI Industries takes it from you.

Let me first say at the outset that I’ve never been a fan of real time strategy games. Whenever I’d watch these games in action, I thought that it was just too much to absorb and was a bit intimidated by the amount of information needed to understand, strategize, and conquer. It is to Handmark’s credit that Warfare, Incorporated created a very helpful and simple tutorial level at the initial stages of the game. I was able to pick up the game without much of a hitch. Of course, as the game progressed, the tactics and strategies needed as well as the resources available created more complex scenarios and required quicker thinking and much-more sophisticated stratagems...(read more here!)

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