Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Review Mobile Systems Oxford Crossword Dictionary

Mobile Systems’ Oxford Crossword Dictionary is a much-needed application for anyone who loves crossword puzzles but doesn’t want to carry around a clunky dictionary. MS Oxford Crossword Dictionary boasts over 250,000 words to reference from for your next crossword challenges. There are a large variety of categories which are covered such as irregular verbs, an English short dictionary, acronymic terms, abbreviations and their meanings and the all-encompassing encyclopedic category. The latter covers subjects such as animals, entertainment, food and drink, geography, history, literature, medicine names, plants, religion, science and sport and games. I have compared the overall content provided by the software to the world’s best selling paperbound crossword dictionary on the market. MS Oxford Crossword Dictionary has over 25,000 words more than its closest competitor! You get all this power-packed information into your PDA which only weighs a few ounces.

Another one of the application’s greatest strengths is its ease of use. Users of this software have variable split mode settings from which to choose from for optimal viewing. Moreover, users can create their own, personalized workbooks to keep tabs on the words they are learning along the way. You can also easily activate MS Dictionary’s pop-up keyboard for an optional method of inputting your words. The keyboard includes a good variety of international keys you can use for looking up a wide variety of foreign words in the dictionary. Additionally, you can add or edit notes on your reference words. For users looking for an extra daily word challenge, MS Dictionary will provide you with a “Word of the Day” or set up a random word for you to learn. MS Oxford Crossword Dictionary not only serves as a powerful reference tool, but, it makes for a great learning tool as well.

I have had dictionary programs in the past, which just didn’t look all that great. Some of them seemed dated with lo-res graphics and lettering. However, with the Mobi-Systems Oxford Crossword Dictionary, you get a good share of eye candy for your PDA. If you’re like me, you want your PDA to not only serve you as best it can, but you want it to look great as well. All the graphics and words are viewed in hi-res; so everything is clean, crisp and clear.

Simply put, Mobile Systems Oxford Crossword Dictionary is the essential, “must-have” application for those who love word puzzles. Its slick and intuitive interface gives users the easiest searches through over 250,000 words. The Oxford Crossword Dictionary offers a wealth of information, given in the shortest amount of time with the simplest ease of use. This is a fantastic program!

You can find out more about the Oxford Crossword Dictionary and a host of other cross-platform programs from Mobile Systems by going to their site here!

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