Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SplashPhoto Review

If you want to show off your PDA a bit to your friends and family, this is the software to get. Whenever I show various friends and family different software from my Zire 72s, I get varied responses from them. There is one application where I get a universal “wow effect” from…and, that is SplashPhoto.

Splash Data has produced a suite of professional and practical applications useful for everyday living. SplashPhoto is a great application from the Splash Data Suite. Users are able to download (previously uploaded) pictures from their hard drives onto their PDA’s. The PDA becomes a mobile digital photo album with as many pictures as you want to carry around given the size of your internal or external memory available.

SplashPhoto allows users a wide variety of choices in personalizing their portable digital photo albums. Once your photos are easily transferred to the SplashPhoto desktop conduit, users can categorize each photo; add a note or description; or input specific details about a particular photo. Moreover, users can decide whether or not they want the photo to reside in the PDA’s internal memory or move it to the external memory card leaving more room for your internal ram.

SplashPhoto also lets users edit each digital photo to their liking. The SplashPhoto desktop provides users a wide range of basic functionality useful for editing. They can zoom or crop their digital photos. Users can vary the contrast and brightness of the picture. Furthermore, users can rotate a picture according to their preference. You can even email a picture from the desktop to a friend or family. I was able to create a photographic avatar from the desktop and use it on one of my sites using the editing functions in the SplashPhoto desktop. The conduit is simple and intuitive. It’s plainly obvious that a lot of hard work went into making this a user-friendly and very practical desktop and PDA software with complete synchronization.

Once all your pictures are in your PDA (most likely the external memory card!), your photos are ready for prime-time viewing. Users can download MP3’s and use them as background music for your portable digital slideshow. I’ve shown my pictures ranging from when I was a little toddler to my missionary journeys in the third-world to where I am today. It was a blast being able to view my family pictures with Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed” playing in the background. On a recent week-long business trip I was able to view my slideshow of my family on more than one (emotional) occasion ;^)

SplashPhoto is a great software for carrying your digital photo album or slideshow with you wherever you go. It’s intuitive, user-friendly desktop conduit makes converting your favorite digital pictures onto your PDA a snap. The basic editing functionality on the desktop allows users to edit any digital photo to their liking. SplashPhoto is simply the best digital photo program for the PDA and desktop that I’ve come across. This one’s a keeper!

You can find out more about Splash Data software here! Download SplashPhoto and give it a free test-drive!

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