Saturday, April 22, 2006

WarpSpeed, Scotty!!

It sure has been a while since I've posted. My family and I moved from the state capital of Sacramento, CA to the beautiful clime of Henderson, NV. New job, new home, new car, new locale with some best of friends. New chapter for our family (yikes!)...pretty awesome, man.

I've been testing a fantastic program that has literally amped up the enjoyment of my games and applications on my PDA. Given that I use dozens of applications on my Zire 72s, there has been a marked slowdown in the response times of some of my software. This is more apparent in many of my games as they take up room on my external sd card as well as eat up precious interal ram.

Dmitry over at has come up with an ingenious piece of software that lets users select which applications to over/underclock. Given the rather bloated nature of many of my applications, I've chosen to overclock most, if not, all of my games which take up more than 1.5 mb. For my games, I play around with setting the bus = 260 and the cpu = 520 or bus = 390 and cpu = 585. For non-game applications, I default them at bus = 91 and cpu = 136. When testing which settings to use, don't throw caution to the wind as it could lock up and crash your PDA. If this happens (as it did with me), the only recourse it to drain your battery and the subsequent erasure of all software will allow you to use it again. However, if you vary the settings gradually, there shouldn't be any problem. I've not had one problem since my first haphazar faux pas.

For Palm power-users who download, test, tweak, keep, launch and use a large number of apps or who have apps that are necessary but rather bloated, WarpSpeed could be your solution. This is definitely an essential software on my PDA.

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