Saturday, April 22, 2006

Finding Your Way with FindWiz

I write tons of stuff on my PDA. Over the months and years, I tend to forget where I've placed a certain number, a special reference or an important notation. I know its in my Palm somewhere so I resort to using the the homegrown "find" function. However, as I'm sure many Palm-users have noted, the built-in find is a bit "limited"...and that's putting it rather nicely. FindWiz by Richard Dumais is a suprisingly inexpensive but powerful piece of software that solves this rather commonplace conundrum. I've never come across an application that is so thorough and efficient that it not only makes accurate and timely searches but, it makes searching fun!

Upon launching the application, the not-so-tech savvy may be a bit intimidated by the rather daunting yet thorough interface. However, FindWiz has a simple and incredibly useful tutuorial which walks you through the first several launches. Richard has gone all out in making sure that this application was as user-friendly as possible. Users can select the appropriate mode for the item you are searching. Users can set the application in database or application mode. You can choose settings that will search a specific application or all the apps currently on your PDA.

FindWiz has exceptional speed compared to any search app I've used. It is blindingly fast. My favorite part of FindWiz is the Hitlist. The Hitlist displays two windows on the screen. The two screen show varying degrees of detail of the searched item. Users can scroll down to find the appropriate item. Users can even launch the application that the found item was listed. For example, if I was searching for the text "game" and it was found in Agendus, I can be taken directly to the locale on the application. Cool beans, man!

There simply is no search application that combines elaborate and sophisticated functionality with great speed and effeciency. This is an essential tool for all PDA users! Check out FindWiz here and give it a test-drive. You'll be able to dig up a lot of stuff you thought forever lost and buried through years of mismanaged memos, docs and addresses. FindWiz will help you find the way out!

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