Saturday, April 22, 2006

Quick Write Review

I'm always on the look out for software that would enhance and improve my PDA text input. Mobi-System's Quick Write is a great piece of software that can quicken your writing speed. Quick Write allows users a variety of fast-writing solutions. The software can be launched from any application by predetermined launching preferences. I chose to launch QuickWrite from the ABC corner.

Once launched, users can choose from the variety of languages and keyboards available. Or, you may opt not to use the keyboard and have word choices from your chosen dictionary (which can be installed in either internal ram or external card) pop up in fields of two or three. It all depends on the number of words you're most comfortable with and want to appear in the fields. I wanted to choose from the maximum number of choices available to me, so I chose to have words that appeared at the bottom of the screen to three. My dictionary of choice is the English Gold with over 175,800 words and takes up 1 mb on my external sd card. PDA writers can choose dictionaries of varying size to minister to their needs. Moreover, words can be added or deleted from this base dictionary.

Mobile System's Quick Write is a stable and useful alternative for grafitti 1 or 2 users seeking to speed up their text input. Quick Write is feature rich with a host of alternatives that allows users to customize this software to best meet their text-writing needs.

You can find out more about Quick Write and the rest of Mobile Systems' stable of applications, click here and test-drive their software.

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