Saturday, June 03, 2006

Review: Natara’s Project@Hand 2 MSP

Ok…I admit it.

I’m a time and business management freak. Almost any e-book or Palm application that deals with better time management or claims to help boost running a business more efficiently and effectively is a good bait for someone like me. During one of my searches, I came across Natara’s Project@Hand2 MSP application for the Palm OS.

Tasklist_2Natara is a company that has given me a great experience with its stable of software over the years. I’ve used their wonderful DayNotez journal application for the PDA and its essential desktop conduit. I’ve used this to write down my thoughts and run businesses over the years and have loved every minute of it. Their outlining software, Bonsai, is one of the best, bar none. I’ve used it to input lessons, quotations, anecdotes and various other documents. With my pleasure and history with Natara’s two programs, I was looking forward to find an application that would help me experience another level of efficiency at work.

I recently got a new job as a general manager for real estate investment and development company and was tasked to set up a company website. I was able to coordinate with my company’s web design and graphics department and put into organized fashion the dates and the corresponding progressive levels of development in the form of a Gantt chart. Natara’s Project@Hand2 MSP is a powerful program that faithfully translates Gantt charts created on Microsoft Project onto your PDA screen for your portable perusal. This is only program of its kind to my knowledge. Natara has broken into a new frontier with this software. By tapping a line on the Gantt chart on your PDA, the details of that particular level are displayed on a pop-up screen. Transferring data from your PC to PDA is simple. I’m not one who likes to dig into manuals so the intuitive interface of the program appealed to me.

If you’re looking for a program that offers a good conversion of Gantt charts from your PC to PDA or just in the market for a program that allows you to effectively manage your projects then Natara’s Project@Hand2 MSP is for you. Natara only has a handful of programs…but, each of them are done excellently and are backed up by a responsive and helpful technical support. Great job, Natara! You’re 3 for 3 with me!

You can find out more about their wonderful stable of programs to help you effectively run your life and business by going to the Natara site here.

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