Monday, June 26, 2006

“The Best of the Best Palm Accessories”- Brando’s Aluminum Case

Accessories bring the unique dimension of personalization. We can accessorize and amp up our PDA’s appearance or functionality simply by changing the case or clip; or popping out the latest Bluetooth keyboard or by the choosing the type of stylus we use. Over the next few days, I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite PDA accessories. Accessories have added to my Palm’s life some stylish panache, purposeful practicality, elevated efficiency and peerless protection. I’ve entitled the series of reviews: “The Best of the Best” Palm Accessories

Brando is one of the most cordial men on the internet. He also has one of the most formidable online stores around. Brando’s Workshop is a mind-boggling collection of mobile, digital, game console and handheld accessories! Surfing through his site is like going through a toy store or wandering through a candy shop ogling at all the goodies! (Note to self: there are some great accessories for my new DS Lite!)

Brando’s Aluminum case is made of top-flight aircraft grade aluminum. It has a tough, lightweight, exterior with a matted surface that is smooth to the touch. The overall look is professional and executive. A lot of thought went into the case’s construction. There are cut-outs on the front for the green indicator light. You’ll be able to know that your PDA is charging even though the cover on the case is closed. There is also a cut-out for an easy access to your stylus silo.

There are also cut-outs at the back of the case for the speaker and the camera. The latter is usually not included in most hard cases, so this was a pleasant surprise. Another indication of Brando’s care and concern for the customer’s full usage of their PDA with no limitations placed on it due to a poorly-constructed case. The back also includes an easily attachable screw-on knob for the sturdy belt-clip which stays flat when not in use. The back includes a small pin-hole for any necessary re-sets should need for them arise. It is worthy to note the placement of tiny nubs at the back of the PDA that keep the case elevated from tables or other flat surfaces. This is an ingenious inclusion as it helps to keep the back scratch-free!

The case is held tight by a strong clasp that easily locks in place and stays there. Upon opening the case, you’ll find a black, neoprene lining throughout the interior. This material is perfect for absorbing shocks from those unnecessary but accidentally drops.
The inner flap of the cover has a cut-out for an extra SD/MMC card.

Overall, this is a wonderful hard case that will serve to protect your PDA from unexpected pratfalls will giving enough eye-candy to please the discriminating eye. The inclusion of several subtle features in the case’s construction cement Brando’s commitment to putting out a quality product that in no way hinders your PDA’s functionality.

You can find out more about Brando’s Workshop here.

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