Sunday, June 25, 2006

“The Best of the Best Palm Accessories”- Piel Frama Leather Cowskin and Crocodile Case

Accessories bring the unique dimension of personalization. We can accessorize and amp up our PDA’s appearance or functionality simply by changing the case or clip; or popping out the latest Bluetooth keyboard or by the choosing the type of stylus we use. Over the next few days, I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite PDA accessories. Accessories have added to my Palm’s life some stylish panache, purposeful practicality, elevated efficiency and peerless protection. I’ve entitled the series of reviews: “The Best of the Best” Palm Accessories.

There aren’t too many companies that produce luxurious, leather cases for the PDA the way Piel Frama does. In my native tongue, there is a term for this: “Ibang klase!” Translation: In a class by itself!

Piel Frama is truly in a class all its own from the packaging to the product. Once you receive a case in the mail, you know you’re in for a special treat. The box is lined in beige-colored linen paper for the cover and red linen paper on its insert foundation. Upon opening the box beige linen paper is folded neatly encasing the product. Emblazoned on the cover of the box and the paper encasing the product is the distinctive, bull-horned logo reminiscent of the company’s Spanish origins.

The black leather cowskin and crocodile skin is one of the best cases ever made…bar none. As with all of Piel Frama’s products, this was uniquely hand-made by leather craftsmen. The cowskin leather serves as the sturdy base that encloses the PDA. The crocodile skin enfolds the exterior with a cool, black sheen that only crocodile skin can provide. The leather is both supple and smooth. The case neatly snaps into place at the back so that the front view of your PDA remains unhindered by unnecessary flaps cluttering its appearance. The color-matched stitching perfectly blends in with the leather exterior. This was a good decision as the stitching doesn’t detract from the case’s beauty.

The inside of the case includes 2 slots for business or credit cards. There are also 2 more slots for SD, MMC or Wi-Fi cards. Well-placed cut-outs for the USB connector and charger line the bottom of the case; as well as a circular cut-out for easy placement of ear nubs for your private, listening pleasure. Included in the box are keys to remove or replace the knob at the back of the PDA to give you the freedom to choose whether or not you want to use the enclosed belt clip.

In summary, Piel Frama’s top quality line of luxurious cases is a professional, sleekly designed case lined with the most exotic skins. Each case has been made with the precision and care by an expert leather craftsman with an eye for detail. This is the most impressively beautiful, eye-catching case that I’ve ever seen!

You can find more Piel Frama products by going to their website here.


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