Thursday, June 29, 2006

“The Best of the Best Palm Accessories”- Krusell’s Horizontic PDA with Multidapt®

This is the second of four reviews focusing
on Krusell’s product line.

The Horizontic PDA is a
beautiful, leather case that conveniently stores the PDA in a horizontal
position. The functionality of this case
varies from my first review on the genuine leather case in that the PDA
is meant to be removed from the casing when in use. This explains the roomier space provided for
the PDA allowing for easy placement or removal. As always, the leather is soft and smooth
with inlaid matching, black stitching on the outer edges. The outstanding raised, silver-metallic Krusell
logo gives it a distinctive flair on the front flap.


At the back of the case is
the unique Multiadapt clip (to be reviewed later). Additionally, the stiff backing includes two
wide inserts for belts. The velvet
interior provides comfort and security for the PDA. Moreover, there is an inner
flap that has two secure snap buttons. Once opened, the user will find an elastic net for two SD/MMC or Wi-Fi
cards to be placed. Moreover, the inner
flap has enough room for business or credit cards. The inner flap is so sleek that one hardly
notices it presence.  This is a very
classy product for the discriminating professional.

Krusell’s products all
have a lifetime guarantee. You can find
out more about Krusell’s products here.




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