Friday, June 30, 2006

“The Best of the Best Palm Accessories”- Krusell’s Calendric Universal

Accessories bring the unique dimension of personalization. We can accessorize and amp up our PDA’s appearance or functionality simply by changing the case or clip; or popping out the latest Bluetooth keyboard or by the choosing the type of stylus we use. Over the next few days, I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite PDA accessories. Accessories have added to my Palm’s life some stylish panache, purposeful practicality, elevated efficiency and peerless protection. I’ve entitled the series of reviews: “The Best of the Best” Palm Accessories.

This is the third of four reviews focusing on Krusell’s product line.

Krusell’s Calendric Universal is a good, basic organizer. My particular case is a black, leather case with leather, chestnut-colored spine. The black leather is textured while the chestnut leather has a smoother finish. The front and back flaps are fastened together by a magnetic clasp that reaches from the back to the front. This is reminiscent of the earlier PDA cases. The inner leftmost front flap has an imbedded Velcro pad. Two adhesive Velcro strips attached to the back of the PDA keeps it securely attached to the Velcro pad.

The rightmost flap has an additional leather one. Underneath this flap are 5 slots for business or credits cards. Moreover, there are 2 additional SD/MMC/Wi-Fi card slots. There is ample amount of storage for your personal cards and external ram.

As with all of Krusell’s products, this is a slick, professionally designed case accentuated by a chestnut spine…an absolutely classy touch. Krusell’s products all have a lifetime guarantee. You can find out more about Krusell’s products here.

(Originally posted on Palm Addicts).

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