Friday, June 23, 2006

Review Astraware Presents: Digital Eel’s Big Box of Blox

I don’t like Tetris-type games.

But, I LOVE Big Box of Blox!

Astraware and Digital Eel have teamed up to create a Tetris-themed game that captures the essence of the game and launches it far into the 21st century. There are tons of creative ingenuity in the look and feel of the game to please both the hardcore Tetris fans for whom the basic block stacking game simplicity is satisfying enough and the new gamers who are looking for a more radical edge to their games that can fling them into the future. Big Box of Blox has these in spades!

Upon launching the game, you can’t but help to notice that this “ain’t your daddy’s Tetris”. The slick, 3D animated menu with a funky soundtrack that could get even the most tone deaf student of music tapping his toes announces a very different game. There are several wildly named games to choose from:

Flaming Peelout
Blok Atak
Mushroom King
Asylum Cubez

The “bricks” in this game are more like “totem-poles of madness” filled with spiders, blocked faces, frogs and other indescribable items that I can’t conjure up a name for. That’s how unusually fun these graphics were…as the stacks fall from the sky, my first thoughts were “What the heck is that?” Then, I’d have to snap back into the game and figure out how I wanted to stack the blocks. In short, the “totem poles” were so intriguing, that they can pull you out of the game for a moment as you’re blown away by the wicked graphics so much so that you’d have to force yourself into back into the game play. One of the uniquely original sound effects in gaming is the crashing, breaking glass sounds when the falling stacks hit rock bottom or fall on top of another stack.

The game’s hip, creepy graphics combined with the thumping and sometimes eerily hypnotic soundtrack make this a strong candidate for PDA Game of the Year!

Enough talking aleady! Come on board the PDA gaming world’s version of a magic carpet and be transported into a world of fun and funk! Find out more about Big Box of Blox on Astraware’s site here starting on June 28th next Wednesday when the game launches into your universe! Give the game a'll be glad you did.


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