Friday, June 23, 2006

Review- Landware’s Money Magazine Financial Assistant

Everybody makes financial decisions every single day. The older we get, our financial transactions become more complicated and sophisticated. There is a greater demand placed upon our financial decision-making. We either learn from lengthy text-books, pedagogic teachers, or the hard-knocks of experience. Thankfully, Landware has created a powerful program that not only assists users with everyday financial decisions but serves as a tutor as well. The editors of Money Magazine and Landware have developed an application that should be placed in everyone’s personal digital assistant. This program is “Money Magazine Financial Assistant”.

This program handles complex, mathematical and statistical problems in a unique and easy-to-follow method. I’ve taken accounting courses in college and I wish I had this program around back then. MMFA allows users to manage over 150 financial decisions. The program offers a host of worksheets that have been formatted and presented in as simple a manner as possible…lessening any confusion and expediting the calculations. Each worksheet lays out all the elements needed to make proper financial decisions. All you have to do is plug in the numbers, press “calculate” and the problem is solved. Each worksheet comes with a detailed descriptions and examples that further your understanding of the problem at hand. The range of worksheets included Analyzing Your Cash Flow to Comparing Loans and Leases to helping you determine How Much Life Insurance to What is Your Balloon Payment and many, many more!

In addition to the wealth of “plug-and-play” worksheets that offer simplified usage to a high-powered program, there are number of topics that guide users from Asset Allocation to Buying a Home to Estate Planning to Investing to Planning for Retirement to Taxes.

There is no other program on the market today that even comes close. This program doesn’t promise to make you financial genius, but it presents a wide range of helpful worksheets that simplify complex financial decisions with the tap of a button. With the additional modules of Money® 101: Key Financial Advice and an extensive, full glossary, Landware’s Money Magazine Financial Assistant is an essential application for everyone who wants to make sound financial decisions. This one is a keeper!

You can find out more about Money Magazine Financial Assistant and a host of other fine, professional products here! Click on over; demo the products and buy them. You’ll be glad you did!


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