Monday, July 03, 2006

“The Best of the Best Palm Accessories”- Krusell’s MultiAdapt System

CarholdicAccessories bring the unique dimension of personalization. We can accessorize and amp up our PDA’s appearance or functionality simply by changing the case or clip; or popping out the latest Bluetooth keyboard or by the choosing the type of stylus we use. Over the next few days, I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite PDA accessories. Accessories have added to my Palm’s life some stylish panache, purposeful practicality, elevated efficiency and peerless protection. I’ve entitled the series of reviews: “The Best of the Best” Palm Accessories.

This is the fourth of four reviews focusing on Krusell’s product line.

One of the most unique features of Krusell’s line of products is that they have a patented Multiadapt system that allows users of their products attach their PDA in a variety of ways to fit their active lifestyle. Only Krussel’s Multiadapt system allows users to adjust and adapt to life on-the-go. For example, a PDA that you carry and use in the office can be easily placed in this special carrying system on your bike for a little off-road biking. The same PDA can be mounted onto your car afterwards on your way back home.

The Multiadapt System meets the needs and versatility of your PDA. Many PDA’s today have a wide variety of software ranging from business-related software, exercise logs and GPS-enabling applications. Only the Multiadapt System allows your PDA to be securely mounted or carried to meet these growing and varied needs.Leatherswivelkit_1

Each of Krusell’s cases have a female clasp. This clasp easily locks onto its male counterpart on the belt, bag, car, bike, etc. This opens up an endless realm of possibilities for maximizing the usage of your PDA without worrying about how it will be mounted or carried. You can attach any kind of clips, swivel kits or vehicle holders.

You can find out more about Krusell’s products here.

(Originally published in Palm Addicts).


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