Tuesday, July 04, 2006

“The Best of the Best Palm Accessories”- Stylus Central’s Pens

Accessories bring the unique dimension of personalization. We can accessorize and amp up our PDA’s appearance or functionality simply by changing the case or clip; or popping out the latest Bluetooth keyboard or by the choosing the type of stylus we use. Over the next few days, I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite PDA accessories. Accessories have added to my Palm’s life some stylish panache, purposeful practicality, elevated efficiency and peerless protection. I’ve entitled the series of reviews: “The Best of the Best” Palm Accessories.

This is the finale of the series. It is only appropriate that we finish off the series with the classy and stylish products from Stylus Central.


First up is the Rotring Trio. It comes in a beautiful black with red trimming gift box that you need to press the release button to open. The pen itself is impressive. The pen is matted black with red trimming just like its exterior box. The pen has 3 silos for a pen, 0.7mm mechanical pencil and a third one for the PDA stylus or additional pen color. It comes with a hidden eraser under the cap. This is a very strong and sturdy pen. I’ve joked with people who’ve balanced the pen’s weight in their hands, that it has the alternative function of being a weapon. I haven’t weighed it on a scale, but it definitely is the heaviest, most robust pen I’ve felt. As with all Rotring products, the pen writes flawlessly and has a stable balance. This is a great pen for professionals and engineers.

Second, is the A.T. Cross Tech 3 pen is a sleek alternative with a shiny, chrome finish that exudes professional style. Its balance is light and can easily compliment any long-sleeved office shirt pocket. The pen has vertical grooves that run alongside the pen. The upper half of the pen twists to expel the appropriate silo for your pen, 0.5mm mechanical pen. This is definitely for office professional who wants a pen that will stand out above the rest. The Cross pen writes smoothly with easy to find replacement refills.

The staff at Stylus Central has been one of the most gracious and supportive. When one of my pen’s silos was all filled with ink refills, I emailed their staff to ask for a PDA stylus for one of the pen silos. They responded immediately and I got the proper stylus within days.
Great customer service definitely raises the bar of professionalism and the folks at Stylus Central have them in spades!

Click on over to their website here and view the wide range of styli available to meet your needs and lifestyle.

(Originally published in Palm Addicts).

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