Friday, September 22, 2006

How I Use My Zire 72s: “Figuring Out How to Get Things Done”

I just finished reading David Allen’s landmark book, Getting Things Done. I bought this book from while ago and have found it to be a great book that will help me effectively manage and efficiently maximize my personal productivity. On my Zire 72s I have several applications that I’ve bought over the past few years which are frequently used by the Palm community. Several of these are highly touted by the PDA world and I am in the process of testing out which of these applications more effectively helps me to get things done.

The phalanx of software that I’m testing are Llamagraphic’s Life Balance (; Natara’s Bonsai (; and Iambic’s Agendus Professional ( and Codejedi’s Shadow ( These applications are (at the risk of grossly oversimplifying these wonderfully powerful apps that I have greatly enjoyed over the years) PIM/To Do list/Outliners on Steroids. Each of these applications has greatly contributed to managing my life over the years.

I am also testing out newfound software that has gotten much press in the GTD world of late, Dogmelon’s Note Studio ( Note Studio is a sophisticated program that implements hyperlinks and homemade wiki’s to create books and collections for the various responsibilities in our lives. I have zero knowledge of either concept as I am not too tech savvy, but it is to Note Studio’s credit that I have learned how to create hyperlinks, wiki’s and friendly names and the like. They have helpful articles and movies that can benefit both advanced HTML users and novices like me. This is a feature-rich program that can effectively pare down the number of various applications I use daily into using only one, singular piece of sophisticated software.

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