Monday, November 13, 2006

Arcana's Koni Waves #1 Review

Koni Waves is a former nightclub pole dancer turned detective. The artwork by Sistilli and Weeks is clean and open. The artwork reminds me of the old Modesty Blaise comic strips of old with a Hawaii Five-0 twist. Sometimes, I feel that Jack Lord and Don Ho are going to pop up out of the woodwork in any of the pages.

The writing could be a lot better. The dialogue and panel-to-panel movement seemed stilted at times. The “cheesecake factor” isn’t really necessary and does nothing to move the story along. I was hoping that the creators would work against type and strive for a “Ms. Tree” in a tropical setting. I was wrong. This has the trappings of “Beach Blanket Babylon” trying unsuccessfully to be a “fun” murder mystery.

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