Monday, November 13, 2006

Arcana's Kade #1 Review

Kade is a child of the black sun. He is ageless and impervious to death and pain. His mission is to destroy the “fallen ones” or fallen angels who have the ability to possess other humans entrenched deep in grievous sin.

I’m a fan of storylines that entail fallen angels. One of the unique twists is that these fallen angels can actually possess human beings. Then again, fallen angels are tantamount to demons from hell, aren’t they? Most of the issue was set up for the rest of the storyline. Readers are brought up to speed fairly quickly through appropriately placed flashbacks. However, there were times the writing seemed a bit disjointed. One example involved Kade’s battle with a fallen-possessed priest. A woman joins the fray; however, she is never properly introduced and her name is never mentioned…yet, she carries on as if she’s known Kade for quite some time. My guess is that even though it’s numbered as #1, there were previous issues involving these characters. Either way, a first issue and its characters should be accessible for new readers.

The artwork by Sejic and Verma is fantastic. The splash page introducing Kade is impressive. The small panel showing the demon-possessed priest was one of the most frightening images you’ll see in a comic book. (I viewed that panel in a hotel on a cold, snowy night in Detroit, so perhaps the environment contributed to the overall spookiness. Nevertheless, it is one of comicdom’s creepiest portrayals of supernatural possession).

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