Monday, November 13, 2006

Superverse's Zoom Suit #1-4 Review

Whoever said that we didn’t need another hero was nuts.

Superverse Comics is the latest and greatest entry ready to duke it out with industry heavy-hitters…and they’ve come out swinging haymakers with their launch title: Zoom Suit.

Zoom Suit is a zany romp of a seemingly misplaced mantle of super-heroism placed upon an unpopular, unsuspecting and downtrodden teen whose life takes a wild upward swing for the better when he takes an alien suit and transforms into a super heroic dynamo. The series’ antagonists try to wrest the alien suit from Myles’ possession: One for megalomaniacal purposes and the other for reverse engineering their way into greater world dominance. (Don’t you hate it when people are like that?).

John Taddeo has written a story that starts out at a breakneck pace which never relents but keeps burning rubber until the series’ final page. I love the homage to Superman in the beginning when the suit arrives from the skies in the form of a mysterious, fallen alien ship. The “Ma and Pa Kent” characters have one of the most humorous interactions in comics. The first few pages alone are worth the price of admission. Taddeo has instilled into the comic a spirit of fun that just pulls you in from the get-go. Taddeo has a knack for writing humor that can be wry and dry or laugh out loud funny.

Zoom Suit takes the best elements of iconic themes and creates fun, zestful stories that grabs both your funny bone and your throat and doesn’t let go! Taddeo and Patton’s vision of the newly, christened Superverse with characters that literally zoom through its pages offers adventures (or misadventures) that promise to entertain readers for years to come. Reading Zoom Suit is some of the most fun I’ve had reading a comic that recalls my childhood memories of peeling open and taking in an early Lee/Ditko classic and enjoying every minute of it. Easily, the Comic Series of the Year!

So, go out and grab the entire set of Zoom Suit, issues 1-4. Then, take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in trays are in their full upright position…’coz your ride is going to be wild and bumpy!!

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