Sunday, January 21, 2007

"a bit Haywire" Graphic Novel

And the hits just keep on coming…! Honestly, the folks at Viper have got some kinda voodoo goin’ on…I haven’t read a bad issue from their stable of books yet.

Courtney Huddleston has put his masterfully, ingenious storytelling skills into a book that harkens back to the old-school, family-friendly books of yore and created a tale of youthful heroism in a character for the new millennium. The book is wonderfully produced as a bite-sized graphic novel that makes use of chapters broken down to appropriately progress the story along. Huddleston’s super-kid has tremendous powers he inherited from his parents. But, rather than having a smoothly packaged set of powers that are exercised with expert ease, Kyle’s powers emerge in a rather out-of-whack fashion.

For example, he can fly, but his ability to fly only works if his eyes are closed! This makes for some rather madcap mayhem in the skies. Kyle discovers other powers that are initiated by some unusually unorthodox methods. Courtney has hit upon a premise that humorously depicts the discovery of new powers in a unique light. There hasn’t been a more humorous discovery of newfound powers since Tobey Maquire’s Peter Parker declared “Shazam” in the first Spider Man movie. Seeing Kyle’s attempt at disguising his identity by tying a towel around his neck with an embroidered “Hers” in the back; along with a ski cap and domino mask. Oven mitts, over-sized socks and underwear appropriately worn on the outside further highlight Kyle’s taste in super-heroic sartorial garb. What comic book reading kid hasn’t attempted this in their youth? (Read the rest from HERE)!

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